About Adequate

I founded the Adequate Swiss company in June 2018. The head office situated in Neuchâtel. Our main activity is to offer industrial companies technical engineering solutions that suit their needs.

We put at your disposal our business experts, who will be able to respond and propose technical solutions adapted to the challenges imposed by your sectors of activity.

Matthieu Moyses, CEO of Adequate

After getting my double, technical and commercial, education, I quickly integrated into the industrial service sector. There, in Switzerland, I have been flourishing and growing up professionally for more than 15 years now.

There are a lot of positive factors that attract me in this field. At first, it is a great possibility to explore different domains of activity. I have also a pleasure to collaborate with managers, technical leaders, and to meet new people. Moreover, I can propose new solutions to my clients.

I have had a chance to work on many projects in French and German-speaking Switzerland, in the fields of aeronautics, life sciences and industrial building construction.

By creating the Adequate Swiss company, I want to unite customer and employee satisfaction. In my opinion, customer satisfaction necessarily depends on the happiness of our employees. One of the important things is to empower employees by offering them such project, reward, working environment that meets their expectations. It is quite a challenge in a complex and constantly changing industrial environment.


“The best advertising ever is a satisfied customer!”
– Bill Gates

We base our development strategy on providing our customers the solutions they need in the aeronautics, the life sciences, the building construction and the industrial facilities sectors.


The company with human value is above all a living organism that needs each of its cells. Managers and employees form a working community around a project and shared values.

The companies can be well performing and competitive over the long term above all due to a human-based policy. Not only fictitiously, in their communication strategy, but really in their organisations and their management methods, based on the respect for the dignity of each individual, on listening, and on the value that they give to work. Every employee has this feeling that the work they are doing is not counterproductive and it serves a cause they support. It gives the employees the feeling that they are not wasting time in their life, but they are achieving something.

Let’s free the intellect, and have fun!

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